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What a great catch. Looks delicious,too!


The second and bottom photographs really stand out. I love the man's expression in the second picture - he's obviously overjoyed about the big fish and you captured it well. The smoke in front of the little boy in the bottom photograph makes for a really cool effect.

[t e r r o r k i t t e n]

as always great!...wonderful faces..and scenery....beautiful. Phil


A fantastic article.
It looks like the life of a few robinsones. Life in the nature.^.


wow sarap ng isda dito grabeh! ganda!

Ashish Sidapara

Excellent work Sidney, just loving them all!!


Wanderful pics as always Sidney - my mouth was watering!
The first picture looks like water of gold - breath taking:-)


i love to see the fish of the day and the daily rhythm of village life in places such as these. wonderful stuff


WOW! another artistic images again. I love it! Excellent!

Chris Vallancourt

The fisherman with the large fish has every reason to be proud of that catch...

Duncan Galbraith

Hey Sidney, great series, Love the last image especially and the fisherman. fine composition throughout these and nice use of colour.


Another great series! I like every picture. Especially the last one, you captured the smoke and the expression of the kid real well. I could smell the grilled fish from here.


Really like this smokey shot, lovely image. Mal

Craig Wilson

Some nice portraits here Sydney - excellent work.


the kids arelovely, the sunset perfect and the story as always so instructives... good job ;)


Always very coloured and efficient. This series is again superb!!


With the stunning first shot and the red fish, I feel like I need a holiday!


Your shots , and not only thos beautifuls and lyrics of this series, give a great desire to discover the Phippines and philippans people!


I LOVE the photo where the kid grills the fish! It brings me to where you took that picture! I can actually smell the fish as it is being cooked and smell its aroma sticking to my skin. Goes without saying that's how the kid smells like, too, but you can see how pleased he is with what he's doing. Really great pic!


Amazing set of pictures again. ;)


Wow, that's a big fish. The fisherman looks very satisfied with his catch.

I like the face of the boy in the center. He has a charming smile.


Ahhh Philippines Very beautiful indeed!

I miss Pinas even more:(


i like the shots with big fish carried by the fisherman. its my dream to have a picture like that, especially when i am the one who catch the fish. great capture again...

hmmm, i smell something fishy, haha. i like fish when grilled, we call them sinugba. yum yum, i feel like eating now...btw its time to eat, i will go to the canteen now and look for fish :)


What fish is that Sidney? The one on the right ... I've never seen it before.

Excellent pictures again Sid!



As usual, excellent series of pictures again Sydney. You caught the soul of idyllic rural Philippines.

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